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Celebrate Repeal Day with Budweiser Copper Lager


2018-11-29 11:59:30

There was a period during the 20th Century when the United States banned alcohol. This happened when Congress passed the 18th Amendment on January 16, 1919.

When this law passed, it only spurred the American fighting spirit in many people across the country to not let their right to crack open a cold one stop.

As a result, Americans took to creating alcohol in secrecy and having runners to move the alcohol from county to county to distribute. One such drink that most people know of today that was made illegally, was Moonshine. The runners or drivers, always on the hunt to create ways to stay steps ahead of the law, found creative ways to hide their illegal activities. For example, cars carrying heavy weight in the trunk would be an easy to target for law enforcement to want to pullover. The runners got smart though, not only did they figure out how to replace cars with heavier suspensions to compensate the large loads of alcohol that they were carrying to prevent a sagging rear end, these drivers also placed modified engines in their cars to make for a fast getaway if they had police chasing them. Smart!

During down times, the runner's raced their cars against each other and as you might expect, the origins of NASCAR was born out of the prohibition period.

On December 5, 1933, Congress ratified the 18th Amendment and today we celebrate across country "Repeal Day".

So, come out to celebrate the end of prohibition on Repeal Day with me and Budweiser Copper Lager.


December 5, 2018
@ 7 PM - 11 PM EST


Big Sky Buckhead
3201 Cains Hill Pl NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

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